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Ms. Megan Holm, JH Literature Teacher

"TECS puts a premium on teaching students to become effective communicators and responsible citizens—skills that I believe are crucial to preparing students to positively influence, shape and work in the future world. My colleagues are well-qualified, life-long learners who care about their students and hold those students to high standards. Their zeal, expertise, good humor, and flexibility are inspiring."


  • B.A. History Education, magna cum laude—Brigham Young University (2005)
  • Certifications / Endorsements: English
  • Educational Honors / Awards: Outstanding History Student, BYU (2004); Sechin Jagchid Award in Non-Western History, BYU (2004); research paper publication in The Thetean (2004).
  • In Education since 2006
  • At Thomas Edison Charter Schools since 2006