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Resources Regarding Mr. Smith

While we understand that this information may be triggering for some people, we feel it is important to be transparent and provide resources to the community in the aftermath of Mr. Smith's passing. The family has given us permission to disclose that Mr. Smith died by suicide. Suicide can be difficult to understand. While we may never know why Mr. Smith ended his life, we do know that suicide has many causes. In many cases, a mental health condition is part of it, but these conditions are treatable. It's really important if you're upset or struggling to reach out for help.

Children who are already vulnerable may be at greater risk when there is a suicide in the community. Our Crisis Response Team is working hard to ensure that children, parents, staff, and community members have the resources they need to deal with this event. If you or your child needs help, call The Family Place (435-752-8880), the Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255), 911, or text/call using the SafeUT app. You can also find more information and resources here:  Live On.

This resource gives tips about how to talk to a child about suicide. The most important thing is to support the many emotions the topic might bring up in children and reassure them that they are safe and that help is always available when they feel sad or hopeless.

Below are some additional resources for helping grieving children: